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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use a Property Manager?

When you trust your real estate investment to a Property Manager, you are opting to say goodbye to worry, as you will have expert guidance through unwelcome surprises.

As Property Managers, we:

  • know Landlord/Tenant laws
  • know rent values
  • have consistent screening policies
  • perform thorough move in/move out
  • know and use licensed, affordable and reliable vendors
  • able to enforce terms of rental agreement
  • and much more...

Are there any licenses required to perform Property Management?

Yes, in Texas, you have to be a licensed Realtor®

How do we select a good Tenant for your property?

Tenant selection is crucial, when you have good Tenants who take care of your property and pay on time, your investment is protected. Therefore, we do intensive background check, including credit, criminal and rental history. We also confirm that they are currently employed. Their monthly income must be a minimum of three times the rent to qualify.

Do we charge any fee while the property is vacant?

No, there are no fees while your property is vacant, including during a period of vacancy between Tenants, when we manage repairs and cleaning.

When do we send your monthly rent?

You will receive your funds on or before the 10th of the current month, or the first business day after the 10th, via ACH, along with an itemized accounting statement.

Do we give the Tenants your contact information?

No, we like to keep that information private. You are protected from any call or emails. We manage all communications and insure the Tenants follow the rules of the Lease.

How do we decide what your home will rent for?

We do a detailed market analysis , factoring in the size, location, age, condition, upgrades and amenities of your home.

Will we let you know what is going on with your property?

Yes, we communicate with you and keep you aware of any issues that may arise, including repairs and notice from tenants to move out.

Do we maintain a reserve funds for repairs?

Yes, we require the landlord to maintain a reserve fund in the property account. This money is used for repairs, maintenance or payment of other bills and is refundable if not used. We obtain your approval prior to using any funds if the expense is over $150, except in the case of an emergency or if we are unable to reach you.

Who holds the security deposit?

“Our House Properties” holds the Tenant's security deposit in a separate Trust Account per our property management agreement.

Is property management deductible?

Yes, Property management is a legitimate deduction on your taxes. As always, consult with your tax advisor.

What type of properties does “Our House Properties” manage?

We specialize in residential real estate which includes single family and multi family units.

Is “Our House Properties” insured?


How soon can you start managing your property?

We can start immediately, to discuss your property in detail, please contact us.